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Latest Trends in Silk Sarees

Mixing North and South Indian traditions in silk sarees is a recent trend. Both North and South Indian styles and patterns are now being incorporated into a single saree. This is because North Indian trends are moving into South India, due to the influence of Bollywood. These include abstract and animal prints that contrast each other in the saree. Geometric patterns are also increasing in popularity, especially among young women.

Silk sarees are now being replaced by silk cotton sarees. Silk cotton sarees are now being favoured because they are lightweight and made of breathable cotton fabric. They are much more comfortable to wear, while still maintaining the traditional look. Silk cotton sarees still give the same rich look as silk sarees, but are favoured for everyday wear.

Zari work can be found anywhere on the silk saree from the body to the border. Traditional Kanchipuram silk sarees will have a zari border, which is what distinguishes them from other silk sarees. Tested zari is a new trend, and is beating out pure zari. Pure zari sarees are made using a silk thread, over which a silver wire is twisted and then this is dipped into pure gold. Tested zari sarees however are made using copper wire that is electroplated with silver and then dipped into gold.

By reducing the amount of silver used, this makes the saree cheaper to make. At a general glance, there are not a lot of major differences between a pure zari and a tested zari saree. The tested zari saree is cheaper than a pure zari saree, and a close look can identify the differences in pureness of colour. Tested zari sarees are favoured for festivals, whereas pure zari sarees are saved for special moments like wedding.

Designer blouses are becoming increasingly popular these days. Traditionally, the actual saree had the most beautiful and eye-catching designs. The blouse was usually just one colour, and not of any great importance. Nowadays, blouses have almost equal significance as the saree, and have equal time devoted to making them beautiful. The colours of blouses worn today compliment and contrast the saree. Beautiful designs are stitched into the blouse, as well as adding sequins and stones. Sleeveless and strapless blouses are also becoming increasingly popular.