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Vasthraa is a Sanskrit word for Cloth. A popular sanksrit verse says
वस्त्रेण वपुषा वाचा विद्यया विनयेन च ,Vastrena vapushaa vachaa vidyaya vinayena cha,
वकारैः पञ्चभिर्युक्तः नरो भवति पूजितःVakaaraih panchbhiryuktah naro bhawati poojitah.

It translates as: People are respected and adored if they have these five characteristics - Vasthraa (Well dressed), Vapushaa (Physique), Vaacha (Speech), Vidya (Knowledge) and Vinaya (Courteous). Of these five characteristics, Vasthraa Silk strives to assist an individual in gaining that "well-dressed" tag!

There is also this Tamil saying which goes something like ஆள் பாதி ஆடை பாதி ("Aal paadhi - Aadai paadhi") which suggests that half of one's personality is decided by the dress that they wear! Be it women or teenagers, Vasthraa has a wide range of collections to fulfill your special moment, thereby, defining your personality!